Bonuses Expire When The Timer Ends!

Imagine In 90 Days From Now You Hit Five Figures, Then You Do It Again, And Again...But On A Consistent Basis Without Working Harder BUT Instead Working With The Universe Fulfil The Vision That Has Been Placed On Your Heart!

Welcome to the step by step way to quantum leaping  your income and impact, so you see consistent income,  without  learning how to be a zen master, tolerating other people's BS or faking it to you make it 

Maybe you have had your income goal all mapped out on your dream board, you do your affirmations, you meditate but you still haven't managed to manifest your dreams, your desires, your goals!

Maybe It's Because You Think...

  • "You have to fake it before you make it"

    And you've been acting as if for a while now, you've been watching youtube videos, reading those LOA books and downloading anything that has to do with the Universe. You try to ignore those feelings of doubt and pretend everything is ok but those negative thoughts are at you all day long1!

  • "You don't trust yourself"

    You keep looking for answers outside of yourself, if it isn't a person, it's a piece of software, a group course, a crystal, another book!


    You've experienced moments of flow and effortlessness in your life but can’t seem to figure out how to sustain this flow so you can stay in the zone and find yourself being sucked into old patterns that don't serve you.

  • "You think you need to be positive"

    You're not all peace & love dude so you think because you're not the enlightened one you will not manifest a thing, you have been told to think of happy thoughts, to stay positive which sounds logical, but heart and spirit isn't in alignment so at times you end up being anything but positive.

But I Want You To Imagine...


You've worked with the Universe, cleared out old limiting beliefs, healed emotional money wounds and you're now watching your business income double, even triple as a result. 


    Imagine how unapologetic you become, connecting with The Universe,  knowing that each choice you make is wise for not only today, but also the future, because you trust The Universe & yourself!


    Imagine being able to feel more empowered to take action, working with dreamy clients who are aligned to your values and help you get to the next level in life and business. 


    Imagine what it would be like to be showered with endless opportunities for effortless growth and expansion in the direction of your dreams. You wake up with a big fat smile on your face because you know an opportunity to uplevel even more will happen today 


    Imagine you become productive AF and take aligned action which moves mountain so that even when everything around you is in chaos it doesn't phase you as you are connected to peace and unlimited abundance


If You've Tried Other Programs Without Result, Let Me Guess What Happened...

  • Wrong Chemistry?

    You signed up with an expert thinking there snazzy program was going to take you further, but they ended up taking you through the stuff you just couldn't connect to which made it a struggle to get through. Buyers remorse doesn't even start to begin how you feel.

    Choose someone that helps you go deeper so you can clear those blocks that have got you opting out, disengaged and looking for the next thing to purchase!

  • Too Many Tools?

    You've been thrown all these tools and it has caused you a ton of overwhelm. Because you just can't keep up with all those "laws", all the meditation, tapping and all that jazz. 


    Wouldn't you rather have a tool that was made for you? One size does not fit all!

  • On A Rollarcoaster?

    You are like that Katie Perry song, you're up and you're down, you're in and you're out... you're seeing inconsistent results and when you do see results something comes along and sets you backwards more than ever before. 


    Stop going up and down with your intention, desires and energy, instead deal with the root cause and start to  heal and clear those things that stop you with ease, no more blocks, no more negative Rogers, Nancy or Philips yapping in your ear!


  • Flow Is Hustle ?!

    You've been told that you need to be in flow to receive, to do all these morning after practices, sounds like hustle has been disguised as getting into flow #justsaying

    Connecting is supposed to be a joy, but not with all that noise!

Or maybe you haven't invested in a program yet because of money

So you are sitting pretty waiting for a sign, so you wait and wait and wait. I get it, you want a definitive sign that you are investing your time and energy into the right things, you may even be waiting for the Universe to deliver you money so you can pay for it...

Why should you trust me, when I tell you about business & being Limitless?

Here are just a few facts about me...

Hey I am Ruth-Ellen and I wanted to share with you a few chapters from my story book

  • 1. I generated £120 million in new business sales 

    I was working for a non-established business talking to heavy hitters who had no idea who I was, what I offered but I learnt early on how to connect with people without working hard for it, just simply being me

  • 2. I nailed a job interview by asking my then boss what was up with his energy

    It resulted in me getting the  job and being one of the highest performers in the company due to following my intuition 

  • 3.  I am an accredited trainer for the life long learning sector, have studied high performance theory as well as implemented high performance training for professionals

    Because teaching adults, is different to teaching children. The art of empowering adults so that they can take information and implement it in their lives is a skillset not everyone has, so I got accredited so that I could have this skill. 

  • 4. I performed Burlesque in front of 70 strangers 

    Was it dare? Did I do it because my friends did it? No, no, no. I did it because I wanted to, I killed it btw without losing weight or by using affirmations to get me in the flow!

  • 5. I studied business studies, certified in sales enablement, business & life coaching as well as energy healing

    I know how important having the time to develop yourself and business is and you can learn my approach so you claim back your time. Time to learn from being present, time to learn from others, time to just be!

  • 6. I am a mum of two teenagers (one has autism)

    I was once told that he will never be a public speaker (by his SENCO),  he recently presented his work at his own exhibition where he spoke in front of many and made over £200 selling his artwork #wearealllimitless

But...being limitless wasn't all pixies and fairy dust

  • There was a time... I got kicked out by my husband because I said I needed space, he also kicked our kids out too, we were homeless

    Two kids (one with autism) and me, no savings, shit happens it's how we react it, now happily divorced

  • There was a time...I seeked external validation and wondered what was wrong with me

    I once asked out a guy.  No not online, in real life. This isn't where the story ends with him being my husband. He actually said no, instead of rocking in a corner crying questioning my existence,  I continued with my conversation and he stopped interrupting me and my friends conversations #winwin

  • There was a time...I thought being like everyone else was a better idea

    Boy was I wrong...I am unapologetically all about implementation, being a contributor not just a consumer and giving spiritual yet grounded coaching  that aligns with my values and the people I serve, that's one of the ways I stay high vibe, this program is all about that!

Everybody that has ever met me has asked me what has driven me to continue, to not give up, how have I stayed so positive, it's about me knowing with every inch of my sole that The Universe has my back. That the stories written for me can be rewritten.


And my mission is to clear your blocks,  renounce the life that others have created for you in tangible ways. So you can have peace, freedom, so you can spend your time living a life you create, being the light  and helping others move from the darkness just by simply being you.


Sidenote: Ruth-Ellen has worked with employees at...

So here's a taste of what happens when you start to become Limtless; 

  • Your highest self...

    Doesn't get triggered by circumstances out of your control, you are actually so aware that the energy has shifted that you shift right back to the vibrational set point that allows you to manifest like the badass you are!

  • Your highest self...

    Doesn't go on the internet scraping around for answers, hoping, praying, dying for someone to save them… instead you're always winning. Every Time!

  • Your highest self...

    Doesn't need someone to tell them how  great they are nor does it take everyone's advice,  because your highest self trusts yourself so much that those doubt bunnies poof away because you are more than aware just how much of a powerful creator you are!

  • Your highest self..

    Takes a day or a week (or a MONTH) off just because you feel like it because you have a system in place that does not require you to keep trading dollars for hours.

How will you get to your highest self?

I have a system that will get you there.
It’s systematic, it’s scientific, it's spiritual and starts with you!
It get's you connected with your power so you always feel empowered!
It get's you bouncing back like Tigger when something out of your control happens #plottwist
It makes the process of creating & selling your services easy, because you stay high vibe #wealth!

Welcome To Limitless

Get ready to let go of all the old negative stories that have got you blocked from living your highest self and move into the life and biz you was meant to have minus the overwhelm.  I will heal & coach you so that you can have a limitless mindset and business, plus you will receive oodles of contact and support (including creation of done with you systems) to make sure you manifest your dreams with ease!


Here's the way we transcend to...  


Level 1 -  Law of Clarity

  • At the end of this level you will have such a compelling vision of your life & biz  that movie studios want to buy the rights without seeing the screenplay, which makes you cry every time you see, think, or talk about this vision. It even feels so real that you realise it is closer than ever before and the gap between what you desire and your vision is so close that you can almost taste it.

Level 2 - Law of Attention

  • At the end of this level you will know how to identify who you are, step into that power purposeful leader that owns their shit, shares there values, unapologetically knows what they want and breaks all their bulls**** beliefs like a true warrior. You will know how to connect with your future self and never second guess your next steps or go outside of yourself for answers again, instead step into your powerful self who is super clear about living there values and the path they are on.

Level 3  - Law of Intention

  • At the end of this level you will learn how to how to deliberately raise your vibration to align with an infinite supply of opportunities and wealth so you can define and commit to your goals and actually achieve them. It's time to prioritise your life goals based on your intuition, heal those wounds, rewrite old stories, so you can get off that busy bike, create those positive triggers that enable and empower you to get more stuff done than you've done before with more ease

Level 4  - Law of Success

  • At the end of this level, you will know how to show up for yourself unapologetically, without the fear of being judged knowing that you and the universe are one. We fill you up with light and you shine a light on the darkness so you can unlock those shackles that have previously bound you. It's time to star, write, direct and produce your own telenovelas that  align with you.

Level 5  - Law of Manifestation

  • At the end of this level know how to bring your dream into reality with kingdom building, you would have learned how  to create an effective project plan that helps you map out the quickest route to achieving your goal so you never wake up feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed or that you're playing life by ear, this is where you create.  You will be equipped and empowered with tools to create a system that leads to an offer that sells so you can make a passive income and start to create wealth. Plus we will be doing that all important money mindset mastery work so you have a clear path for money to flow to you!
  • We will open up channels to clear those 24 abundance blocks that are lowering your vibe with my super powerful (intuitive) technique that will help you move  from fear to joy within seconds (nothing to do with EFT or affirmations). Science backed visualisation and meditation techniques

Level 6  - Law of Non-Attachement

  • At the end of this level learn how to step into the matrix and be fully tech woke, I will be helping you to save time, using systems (excuse my dribbling, I geek out to this) so you can get more productive than ever while you dance (yes my native Nigerian style). You will be able to streamline the rest of your day to day taks by getting under the hood of what's leaking and wasting your time,  money & energy,  let's go, take that red pill baby!

Level 7  - Law of Limitless Thinking

  • At the end of this level you would have gathered all pieces of the movie, this is the level for completion, where you implement by taking aligned intuitive action to do a mini launch, learn how to tell your story, talk directly to your ideal client using all their sense and then work on iterations  of your offer, it's time show yourself just how truly powerful you are!


Done With You Assets & Training

Total Value £8,988

Your Kingdom Builder Website (Value £3997)

3 essential pages for your website for your mini launch with a branding package so the look and feel of your website attracts your dreamy client

Unlimited Traffic Plan

Going beyond the standard show up and go live already and looking at a plan that aligns with your values to get you in front of dreamy clients with ease VALUE £997

Sales Soul Conversations That Close With Ease Training

Only speaking to those peeps that are pre-sold and know you are the one for them!  VALUE £2997


Plus I will Give You A High Converting Conversations “Script” (£997 Value)



Transformative Bonuses

Total Value £3491

High Vibe Healing so You're Never Stuck - Bonus #1

Powerful reality transurfing session designed to help you heal from those wounds that has got you bleeding over people that didn't even cut you!   VALUE £1,997


Show Me The Money Abundance Session - Bonus #2

Custom-created HYPNOTHERAPY session so that you are mentally, emotionally and spiritually primed for your spiritual wealth Limitless  journey VALUE £997

Limitless Money Bootcamp - Bonus #3

Pre-recorded training on how to shift your current reality and move into the reality of your limitless money self that has it all already! VALUE £497

Limitless Slack Channel for Community - Bonus #4

Want a way to feel supported in a structured environment, well say hello to clarity courtesy of slack... VALUE PRICELESS


My mission is to help you uplevel your life using grounded spirituality, science  and systems so they have more time and energy to live a life you create. So if you purchase Limitless, give it an honest effort, and see it doesn’t work for you, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll give you a 100% refund, as quick & courteous as a super hero would. We might ask you a few questions so we can improve the product, but there will be no runaround.

So...Why This Coaching Program?


What Makes This Different So Different Anyway? 

  • Other Programs...

    Expect you to be competent in different areas and if you're not you've got to buy another course, book or ______(insert here) to learn something else,  which could set you back more money, energy and even more time!

  • Other Programs..

    Ask you questions that are basic and gives you clarity but you can still end up doing busy tasks that are not in alignment with who you are or will actually help you to get to where you want to be #stillbrokeafter #timetogetarealjob

  • Other  Programs...

    Has a large team of other coaches that  will handle support, people that will coach you

  • Other  Programs...

    Typically gives you coaching or mentoring limited to their coaching training, that means you don't get a holistic way to unpack the complex challenges using your mind, heart and spirit.

  • Limitless Program...

    Knows that lack of competency breeds inaction, so this coaching clears the blocks that are stopping you from seeing just how competent you truly are. It is designed to empower you by clearing limited beliefs so you can stand in your true power.

  • Limitless Program...

    One of my super powers is guiding you on an intuitive level so you can connect with your highest self and empowered you to make aligned decisions to get results 

  • Limitless Program...

    yeah...I don't have a team, it's just me which means I show up for you 100% and nothing is the watered down version #sorrynotsorry

  • Limitless Program...

    Gives you step by step transformational coaching that resultS in you seeing progress using a multidisciplinary approach that includes CBT, NLP, EFT, TFT, Crystals, Reiki, Hypnotherapy to name a few. We work using the G.A.P.S methodology (Gradually Achieving Progress & Success) we know that not every tool in the toolbox is relevant so we work with the make of the model rather than the tool. #winningdaily

  • Limitless Program...

    Is designed to give you clarity, space to think, these are the exact steps I have taken to remain focused & the exact step by step process I have used to go from being told to being bold!

  • Limitless Program...

    Includes done with you systems, so you are never stuck because you don't know how to use connect with your highest wisdom. All things are possible!

WOULD YOU RATHER spend hours, weeks, months or even years trying to figure out how to stay in alignment  by reading another book, downloading another freebie or watching another "motivational video" only to jump back into old habit that doesn't serve you? Or would you rather get so connected with source energy, to your higher self, that you are so cleared from blocks, so high vibe that you can't help but be a conduit for light and love, and constantly stay on the path of fulfilling your purpose and be fully planted in your truth and highest wisdom?

WOULD YOU RATHER go on your own spiritual journey to higher consciousness getting frustrated because one day you believe you are in flow  and the next day you feel nothing or would you rather have a plan for your spiritual journey that is intentional, supported and let's you connect with your highest self as often as you want?

WOULD YOU RATHER spend hours trying to figure out websites, funnels and email sequences or would you rather figure  out your sales funnel headaches with a  professional so you are equipped with more knowledge, so you get it done in quarter of the time?

What are others saying about me? - Testimonials


Breakthrough Sessions & 1:1 Programs

Tina Saxena

Life Transformation Coach

She was very "sharp" in getting me to clearly define the way out of my own obstacle.

Mark Stubbles


Ruth-Ellen has helped me to find motivation, she has helped me get clear on my goals and to develop a strategy so that I can reach them.

Claire Fagan

Life Coach

Ruth-Ellen has helped me to gain clarity, focus and direction. I departed our breakthrough session feeling excited and joyful with regards to moving forward with my business.

My main concern with working with Ruth Ellen was that this was a different type of NLP therapy because it was a mixture of NLP as we know it and a more holistic spiritual approach to how You can change and improve your life moving forward. I also was not sure how much life experience Ruth had had in order to help me with my next steps


However I also found that that her background in her life experiences and achievements and her all-round knowledge of being an NLP practitioner very thorough to the point precise and very engaging Ruth does not do any third-party therapy she works on you.


Specifically what I learnt from Ruth  Ellen was understanding my core values, being in touch with my higher self and not being afraid of being alone and to help let go of the past and look forward to the future and have a lot more self awareness.  I also found that her sister guidance  helped me with challenging situations which I can relate to on a daily basis again to help with self-awareness.  If I had to pick the three top benefits of working with Ruth Ellen it would be knowledge and understanding intuitive thinking and her ability to make the focus on yourself with encouragement and the access to resources.    I feel that this has been a huge benefit for me which I have needed in a very long time I would say that whether it’s small change or pick change the mixture of the NLP practitioner tasks as well as your inner self guidance spiritual task eeally does Comes together very well if applied properly because it covers all areas of change

Lisa Street, Founder

Ready To Be Limitless?

(Here's what you get when you invest) 

  • 7 Levels of Limitless 1:1 coaching program so you can launch your offer  with ease - so you don't need to worry about starting another program that isn't in alignment with you -  VALUE £4997

  • A complete, kingdom builder done with you, plug-and-play website for your kingdom building needs including the 3 predesigned pages, fully customisable to match your needs and brand installed for you on your own domain – , with essential plugins, conversion optimised design – so you don’t need to worry about any tech stuff- + ONE YEAR hosting for a year on a Site5 server (you can switch to any other hosting at any time, or continue after the free year for £9/month) - VALUE £3997

  • Unlimited Traffic to help you plan the platform that will help you to engage with your dreamy clients   - VALUE £997

  • Sales Soul Conversations That Close With Ease Training to help you to live in alignment with your values (and stay high vibe) so you can attract your desires consistently - VALUE £2997

  • Sales Script to help you to connect in an aligned way (and stay high vibe) so you can enrol those dreamy clients that align with you  and your vision - VALUE £997

  • Transformative Bonuses Including Show Me The Money, The Limitless Money Training &  Limitless Community via slack so you can get all the resources and support you need  - VALUE £3491




Spiritual Strategic Coaching

We leave nothing out and include the mind, heart & spirit  for holistic results 

Proven Scientific   Techniques

Neuroscience is just that scientific evidence, facts that helps you to see long term results

Done with You Systems

Helping you get aligned using your spiritual DNA, using websites,  automation, workflows and project management

You've got questions, I have answers ...


When do the coaching sessions start?

I'm not very spiritual so is this for me?

Why haven't you got hundreds of testimonials?

Great question.  I have worked in corporate for the past  20 years and ran a digital agency until I spent the last year training as a life coach & multidisciplinary practitioner.

The 30 day guarantee and my application process ensures whether you are a right fit for this program too.

I'm not sure if it's a good time?

How quickly will I see results?

Are there additional expenses that I need to consider apart from this coaching program

Nope, just need you to bring yourself and be totally present, can you do that?

How do I know whether I can finish this and if it will make a difference to my life?

What if I don't like you?

Impossible, everyone likes me lol. Seriously, I only work with people I believe I can help that's why the application process I have is in place is in place.  The question isn't whether you will like me, the question is can I get results with this lady, and the answer is yes!

I am not from the UK, what about time difference?


You do NOT want to find yourself in the same place next year… Right? 


The ONLY way to ensure this doesn’t happen is through purposeful aligned action. 


This is how you achieve PROGRESS, PEACE & live your life on PURPOSE


It’s not what you KNOW, it’s what you DO with what you know.


All of that amazing, creative, inspiring, potentially life-changing power in side of you that you keep in your head are not going to work unless YOU TRUST YOURSELF. 


Isn't it time for you to LIVE YOUR LIFE ON YOUR TERMS?

Isn't it time for you to STEP INTO WHO YOU WAS MEANT TO BE?



How about that time being today?


Today where eventually one step becomes another step, until you look back (just for a second) and you realise you’ve just REWROTE ALL THOSE OLD STORIES??? 


And your old unhelpful thoughts and fearful ways become nothing more than a distant memory?


And the day you said YES to becoming YOU becomes the day you made the BEST DECISION EVER for YOURSELF and YOUR LEGACY?!?! 


Let’s make that day TODAY!!! 


Yaaaaas! No More Second Guessing! 

P.S. 10% of my business profits from UpLevel To Your New Level program go back into supporting business owners in Ghana & Nigeria, so you will also be helping the rest of the world to uplevel when you purchase this program


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